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Maximize your production with Vencomatic Group.  Products that work with your birds’ natural behavior to ensure the best results. In addition, Vencomatic provides solutions to improve the working environment in both the barn and the egg collection room.

Introducing the new Products

Meggsius Line

Meggsius Select, brings egg grading/sorting to a new level. Eggs go through the vision unit where they are assessed by camera for quality and dimensions.They are then sent to the sorter where they sorted on the basis of the analysis. Contaminated or unacceptable eggs are send to be disposed, second grade eggs are separated out and first grade eggs are forwarded on through the mainstream for packing.

Meggsius Detect can be added between the egg belt and sorting/packing machine to detect leaking eggs, to be removed from the system. This allows the leaking eggs to be removed before contaminating the sorting packing machines and making clean up easier.

Meggsius Count uses vision technology to count each egg belt individually to give you an accurate indication of the production from each area of your barn. 

More information on Meggsius

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Customer StoryMatt Vane from Chilliwack, BC on his experience with Vencomatic and Meggsius


Vencomatic has developed the new Pegasus elavator system to increase egg flow while reducing the number of transfers to safely take your eggs from your nesting system to your egg conveyor.

Established Vencomatic Solutions

Housing Solutions  

Providing flexible nest and rearing systems that perfectly match the needs of birds, Vencomatic aviaries are renowned for their durable construction and optimal performance.

Egg Handling 

Vencomatic has taken decades of experience handling valuable breeder eggs and applied it to the commercial egg industry. As a result, from the egg belt to the tray to the grader, Their egg handling equipment treats your eggs with the greatest of care.

Climate Control 

Climate control systems reduce energy consumption by recovering heat. This reduces both your carbon footprint and operating costs. Providing an optimal climate helps you to achieve the best performance from birds and employees alike.

Vencomatic Interviews with local farmers                                                 

John Reiner  – Broiler barn with ECO Units       

Paul Bertens – Van Gent Nests and Packer                                           

Mitch Klompmaker – Broiler Barn with Eco Units

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