Poultry Housing

There are a number of different housing options available for your birds, for breeders and layers. From single tier to multi tiers, Vencomatic Nests provide a number of features to optimize production and quality.

Vencomat :

• Comfortable nest flooring that attracts the hen.
• Maximum hygiene through open structure and minimum contact with the egg.
• Gentle roll of the egg towards the egg belt preventing cracked eggs.


• Open structure improving hygiene.
• Strong and durable materials.

Withstands all climate conditions.

Tipping Floor:

• Expels birds to prevent broodiness and soiling.
• Lowest nest floor angle in the industry ensuring a gentle egg roll.
• Automatically tips out dust and dirt for a clean nest.

Egg belt:

• Unique design that prevents egg movement.
• Minimal contact between the egg and belt to secure egg quality

and reduce contamination.
• Antistatic material for optimal hygiene.

Most of the nests are modular and can be customized to your barn size. Many of the Layer Nest have multi-tiered options and multiple configurations available to fit you needs.

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