Poultry litter additive contributes to a healthy environment for your livestock production. It reduces ammonia level, moisture and humidity, odors and bacterial populations. It also repels Fecal Coliform, E-coli & Cellulitis, harmful bacteria, insects, darkling beetles, worms, etc. Because of this, poultry health is significantly better and mortality rates decrease. Afterwards, it is totally safe to use as a fertilizer.


  • Improve Poultry health and decrease mortality rate.
  • Non-corrosive, will not affect your building’s and system’s integrity.
  • Reduces Ammonia level and related stress and illnesses.
  • Keeps litter dry by reducing moisture and humidity within the litter.
  • Will not acidify the litter pH and thereby inhibit the bacteria that transforms manure nitrogen into ammonia.
  • Improves and maintains litter quality.
  • Safe for use with organic agriculture as livestock production aid.
  • Makes manure waste more valuable and safer to use as fertilizer.
  • Control and reduces odors caused by fecal matter, urine and various harmful pathogens.
  • Reduces bacterial populations of Salmonella and Campylobacter.
  • Repels Fecal Coliform, E-coli & Cellulitis.
  • Repels harmful bacteria growth, insects, darkling beetles, worms, flies, parasites and other various harmful insects.
  • Can be applied before or during a flock.

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