Feed Bins

We sell feed bins built, delivered, stood up and lagged down by Kingwood Bins. Their feed bins are available in 3 to 45 tonnes, made of 12 gauge steel, with a powder coat finish of 1 coat on the interior and 2 coats on the exterior for long lasting durability. Standard bin comes in white

Optional Features:

  • Colour options available for bin and the bin accessories.
  • High definition printing of custom logos and branding available for your bin.
  • Ladder safety
  • Cone manway entrances
  • 8″x8″ Poke Holes.

Our installation crew will meets the delivery to complete the installation of bin scales if ordered.

Please have a look at the Kingwood Bins Website for more details.

We also offer a number of upgrade and replacement parts such as retro fit ground control kits, pneumatic fill kits, plastic boots and bin scales for your feed bins

Please Contact us for more information on feed bins and accessories.