Egg Collection

We offer a large range of products for your egg collection, transporting your eggs safely from the your nesting system through to the pallets. There are new products offered that utilize innovative technologies to streamline your egg grading, optimize production, and help from spread of contamination.


Elevators are needed when you have more than one level of eggs to collect. We now have 2 elevator system available to take your eggs from your nests to your conveyor.


The Pegasus is a new elevator system that that brings each egg belt to the conveyor separately. Allowing for quicker transfer of the eggs. The Pegasus is designed in a way that allows for twists and turns and straight upward movement. This makes it versatile while safely transporting your eggs.

The Traditional Elevator

The traditional elevator is a straight up and down system and collects from each egg belt unto the same elevator to carry the egg to the conveyor. It takes up little space and can be set up through multiple stories to one conveyor. These elevators have to have the timing set up so each belt releases eggs onto a different set of bars in the elevator to keep the eggs from hitting each other.


Vencobelt is one of the best solutions for transporting your eggs from your nest or elevators to your packing/grading station. It is available in 40cm or 55cm widths. The bars are made out of plastic to soften the transfers and designed to cradle the eggs to keep them from rolling into each other. This conveyor is able to make bends and inclines and or declines to fit your barn.

Meggsius Leak Detector

Vencomatic has developed a leak detector that can be installed between your conveyor and grading/packing equipment that will shut down your conveyor to allow a broken/cracked egg to be removed before making a mess and contaminating your machinery. Once the leaking egg has been removed and the leak detector cleaned off, your system can be restarted by a tap on the indicator light.


We have a couple of options available in grading machines available to suit your farm needs .

Meggsius Select

Designed for Layer barns the Meggsius Select brings egg grading/sorting to a new level. Eggs go through the vision unit where they are assessed by camera for quality and dimensions.They are then sent to the sorter where they sorted on the basis of the analysis. Contaminated or unacceptable eggs are send to be disposed, second grade eggs are separated out and first grade eggs are forwarded on through the mainstream for packing.


Designed for hatchery eggs. This system uses electronic weighing units, grading eggs into user defined sizes. Eggs with unsuitable weight for hatching are discharged to a packing shelf to gather reject eggs manually. The grader collects statistical information such as the number of eggs, individual and total egg weights per day, per breeder house and the percentage of eggs in various weight classes

Packers & Stackers

Packing and stacking your eggs is a large labour intensive process. To help you reduce man hours we offer a number of different Prinzen packing and stacking machines options, depending on the number of eggs to be packed and the type of trays you need to use. Please see Brochure for specific details to decide which type of machines would best suit your needs.

Palletiser & Trolley Loader

A Palletiser automates the loading of stacked egg trays onto the pallets

A Trolley Loader automates the loading of trays from the packer directly to the trolley