Controls & Sensors

Controls reduce the amount of labour needed to run your barn. With the help of sensors, they help with the maintenance of all aspects of your barn. They can be single function controls such as fan controls or complete control for your barn from one place.


A Maximus System is custom built for your barn to control the functions you want it to. Using the same or similar sensors as separate controls, this system is easily set up to your phone or tablet for anywhere assessment or control of your barn. Notifications of problems in your barn are sent directly to your phone so you don’t need a separate alarm system. For more information on the Maximus system please click Here .

Environmental Controls & Sensors

We off a number of environmental controls that have different stages and various inputs available.

Ventilation controls can have inputs for actuators, water monitoring, humidity sensor, static pressure sensor, temperature probes. The can have settings for on/off for heat and/or cooling, fans or variable outputs. They also can include relay for an alarm.

Light dimmers offer a number or benefits:

  • Designed to allow you to control and adjust the light duration and intensity from 0 to 100%
  • Extreme low light dimming. Encourages hens to return to the nest in cage free and enriched cage environments
  • Program up to 20 light periods AND up to 20 light peaks per period
  • User friendly interface and menus

Scale Controls

Scale controls are available for bird, bins and feed. They use load cells to measure the weight and send the information to the individual controls.


Alarm systems give you piece of mind when you are away from your barn. They monitor your systems and send you notification of a problem. Some common features of our alarm systems are:

  • Spike Block surge/lightning protection on all zone inputs and system outputs
  • Outdoor temperature compensation feature available on all models
  • Reliable rechargeable battery back-up
  • Programmable alarm recall feature for acknowledged but unresolved alarms
  • Self-diagnostics of complete system including wiring, sensors, outputs, fuses, battery and more
  • Independent output for a local siren or revolving light
  • Non-volatile memory for all programmed parameters
  • Security with up to 10 programmable user access codes
  • Alarm memory log with time, user & date stamp
  • Dialing of alarms to multiple phone numbers
  • Built-in phone line seizure for added security
  • Share phone line with other devices, no second line required
  • Off-site phone-in capabilities for checking temperatures and other system functions
  • Moisture and dust-tight ABS enclosures for harsh environment locations
  • All zones can be bypassed individually or in groupings
  • Any zone can be configured for dry contact, temperature or burglary. AA 128 Touch zones can also be configured for 4-20 mA and 0-5V

More information on alarms Here

To discuss which type of controls and sensors would be best for your barn, please contact us